Please take a look at the RJS website. We carry most of these kits. If we do not have the particular one you are interested in please let us know and we would be more than happy to bring it in for you.

En Primeur Series

Red - $159.99

White - $159.99

Cru Select

Red - $129.99

White - $129.99

Cru International

Red - $94.99

White - $94.99

Grand Cru

Red - $79.99

White - $79.99

Hertige Series

Red/White - $54.99

Orchard Breezin

Red/White - $67.99

Coopers can malt


Current Stock:



English Bitter


Mangrove Jack Cider - $49.99

Bordeaux Clear and Green Bottles 750ml

$1.25/Bottle + tax


TURBO 500/SS Condenser tower (electric)


Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo $7.99

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon $4.99

Still Spirits Turbo Clear $4.99

Still Spirits Turbo PURE $8.99

Still Spirits Turbo FAST $8.99

Still Spirits Flavours $9.99

Still Spirits Distillers Caramel $4.99

Still Spirits ceramic boil enhancers $5.99

Various supplies and equipment available for purchase, everything from wine, beer and cider, to some specialty ingredients.

Wedding Package


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